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The building was built at the end of the 19th century, and its journey through time is closely related to the history of Oia itself.

It is located at the area of “Sideras” in Oia, a neighbourhood where local rich ship owners and captains built their houses, today known as the famous “Captain Houses”. On the other side of the village, crews and farmers used to live in cave houses.

Through their travels around the world, captains, being impressed and influenced by international architecture, tried to imitate different styles, and created a unique one of their own.

The facade of the buildings were austere, with window and door frames made by the local red stone “pori”. The shape of the ceilings was in a monastery dome style, mainly influenced by Venetian architecture.

Through the years, the building was used as:

End of 19th century:                            Sea Captain’s residence
Between the two world wars:      Junior school of Oia village
During World War II:                       Distillery
After World War II till 1960’s:      Darzentas family bought the building and used it as a part of their big sock factory.

Since then, the factory moved to Athens and the building remained closed slowly turing into ruins.

In 1995, the building, among thirty six ones in Oia, was characterised by the Greek Municipality of Culture as an historically protected monument, due to its unique Italian style and renaissance architecture.

In 2007, our company bought it, and a few years later its reconstruction began based on the traditional building techniques.

A special thank you to engineer Aggelos Argiros and constructor Tasos Karras, whose knowledge helped give the building its initial form.

The photo below shows an example of the previous state and the final result.

Sphinx Wine Restaurant